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-# Hi I am the map
+# Roadmap for the Arching Kaos project
+An overview of subprojects, checkpoints, stops for thought, integrations and how the Arching Kaos projects is supposed to be completed.
-Or maybe this is not formed yet.
+## General overview
+Arching Kaos is a project that consists of communication ways, distributed filesystem and wants to be a decentralized overall protocol.
+It is mainly used for a webradio.
+### What I want to do?
+I want to decentralize the current [radio station](
+I am thinking to use PTK and/or ARCHINGKAOS for carrying messages.
+### Proof of concept
+Make on small application that demonstrates a 'news' type messages that integrates the [news repo](
+## Other places to look
Try visiting cause it's probably things are already going on there.