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## Brief description
+> This was empty for a long time.
-## The Map ( 2022-01-12 ) -> ( 2022-07-24 )
-> The reference "Arching Kaos" will be used while speaking for the project itself as a whole.
+Arching Kaos is an attempt to create a shared basis for content creators focused on music mixing of electronic music in order to lift the vibes and let differences out. It is a network of minimal blockchains. Each participant can create content and be heard. On [arching-kaos.net](https://arching-kaos.net), you will find content from some creators already, migrated from the previous version of the radio station.
+While mentioning radio station, live stream is not available but it will soon be as the decentralized radio part takes off.
### Development
Parts in need are:
+- [ ] - Arching Kaos Decentralized Radio
- [x] - Static HTML5 page which loads the content we want
- [x] - Explorer of the ZCHAIN
- [x] - Modules
-## General overview
-Arching Kaos is a project that consists of communication ways, distributed filesystem and wants to be a decentralized overall protocol.
-It is mainly used for a webradio.
-### What I want to do? *DONE*
-I want to decentralize the current [radio station](https://radio.arching-kaos.com).
### Proof of concept [Completed]
> Make on small application that demonstrates a 'news' type messages that integrates the [news repo](https://git.kaotisk-hund.com/01-NEWS/.git).