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Added information about the new script peer_info_generate.sh, clean up the way anyone can reach this repo.
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## Usage
On your terminal, go!
+### Clone the repository
+Either from:
+- github
+git clone https://github.com/kaotisk-hund/python-cjdns-peering-tools.git
+- arching-kaos.net
git clone https://git.arching-kaos.net/kaotisk/python-cjdns-peering-tools.git
+- cjdns
+git clone http://git.kaotisk-hund.com/kaotisk/python-cjdns-peering-tools.git
+and then cd to it:
cd python-cjdns-peering-tools
+### Install peers from `peers.json` file:
+The following script is going to either generate or clean off comments your configuration file,
+execute the python script `appendPeers.py`, which will add `peers.json` to your file and install
+to default place (/etc/cjdroute.conf). It also restart cjdns for the configuration to be applied.
sudo ./gen.sh
+### Configure new user for peering
+sudo ./peer_info_generate.sh
## Files
### `appendPeers.py`
@@ -21,6 +50,10 @@ Different ways to generate a `cjdroute.conf` with no comments so we can work wit
### `peer_info_generate.py`
Script that creates a user and a password in `authorizedPasswords` and generates `peer_info_generated.json` file.
+### `peer_info_generate.sh`
+Script that makes a backup of the running ( default /etc/cjdroute.conf ) configuration, executes `peer_info_generate.py`,
+pushes the new credentials to your configuration and restart cjdns.
### `peer_info_generated.json`
This is a generated file by `peer_info_generate.py` which contains the peering information for someone to connect to your node.